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Who We Are

We are a worker-owned and operated residential compost collection service that uses cargo bicycles to haul food scraps from your kitchen to local composting sites in Santa Cruz. We believe that the resilience of our communities is inseparable from the health of the land we live on. Transforming our food waste into fertile compost is one small way we can collectively nurture the land in the midst of global environmental crisis, mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, and sequester carbon in the soil.

Hard Core Compost in the News!

Why Hard Core?

Hard Core Compost offers clear benefits over the city’s collection program

Hard Core Compost uses bikes and trailers to collect food scraps right from your doorstep. Dispose of your food scraps the right way. Sign up now for weekly pickups from Hard Core and get a free gallon of finished compost every month!

How do you want to manage your food scraps? Do you want the City of Santa Cruz’s fossil fuel trucks to collect and truck them over the mountains to Santa Clara? Or do you want them picked up on bicycles and composted right here in town?

The City requires fiber-based compostable takeout containers and utensils — that get landfilled anyway? What are they thinking?

Hard Core Compost breaks down your PLA, PHA, and fiber-based packaging. Dispose of your compostable packaging the right way. Sign up for weekly pickups from Hard Core now and get a free gallon of finished compost every month!

Note: please check your packaging to make sure it is TUV or BPI certified before putting it in your compost bucket.